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Seeking for a life long companion? We hope that you can find a suitable dog through our detailed adoption procedure.  

Learn more about our adoption procedure below

1. Fill in an adoption form

Apply to become an adopter by filling up our adoption form. Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a phone interview. *Only dogs that are up for adoption are eligible to be adopted.

2. Phone interview

Speak to our shelter founder who will conduct a phone interview with you. A phone interview is important for us to understand you better. Please note that due to an overwhelming response of interested adopters, we may take some time to get back to you. We seek your understanding. 

3. Home visit

Home visits will be scheduled with you to determine the suitability of your home environment for adoption. Factors that we look out for include: receptivity of your family members about the adoption, home safety measures implemented for the dog.

4. Homestay trial

After finding a suitable dog for you and your family, we require all potential adopters to bring our dog or dogs home for a two-week homestay trial. During the homestay period, our co-founders will conduct home visitations to ensure a smooth transition. Constant updates and communication must be maintained as well. Please note that either party can terminate the trial at any time but the shelter reserves the right to make any final decision.

5. Adoption papers

The end of our adoption process consists of the signing of our adoption papers. Our shelter does not require our adopters to pay any amount of adoption fees. Post-adoption visits and check-ins may take place whenever necessary.   

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